* Stănculescu’s strategical military dictatorship

Victor Atanasie Stănculescu had the power of a head of state on December 22 from 10.07 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. After six hours of absolute power, general Stănculescu abandoned the idea of military dictatorship and handed country’s destiny over to Ion Iliescu.

I regret having given the power to whom I shouldn’t. Now, I would keep it, until the right moment” stated general Stănculescu on Wednesday, a couple of minutes before being arrested.

One of the most authorized historians in December 89 revolution matter, Alex Mihai Stoenescu commented for “Adevărul” the succession of then and now events. Would have been possible a military dictatorship in Romania at that time? And if so, what would have happened to Romania? And why the general gave up this form of governing?

After almost 19 years, the general (arrested now) repents having surrendered Romania’s governing to Ion Iliescu.


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